Monday, 28 November 2016

Affordable make up review -

I'm all about affordability and one of my favourite affordable make up brands is Make up Revolution. Their pallettes are bomb. I have five or six of them and about 30 more that I want to own!

I'm not 100% sure what the relationship is between Freedom make up or (especially after  testing this pallete) if their even is a relationship between the two..maybe I just assumed that because they're on the same stand in my local chemist!

I spent ages deliberating the other day about which pallette to pick up and ended up going for the Pro 12 Audacious 3 pallette from freedom make up. At €6 I didn't think I could go wrong. I did.

I was quite excited, they have good selection of other pallettes all for the same price and I was excited at the prospect of buying them all. I don't have a problem I swear. However while might try another (for the sake of thoroughness you understand) I doubt I will get a much different result.
For your money you do quite well. There are 12 fairly large sized pans in the pallette and that them works out at 50 cent a shadow. The pallette contains 3 mattes, 6 with a slight amount of shimmer and 3 foil shadows.
They swatched quite well but once I attempted to use them with a brush..that all changed. The pigmentation disappeared.  I might get some good of the shadows with some setting spray to make then more intense but I'll put it this way I won't be reaching for this pallette.
The eye look turned out OK in the end but I wasn't impressed and it was way more subtle than it should have been. It also took a lot of work to even get where I did in the end.
My advice would be add the extra €5 and pick up one of the make up revolution  pallettes. It will be worth it I promise.