Saturday, 14 January 2017

Velvet and leather

If you have been following me on insta you might have noticed I am a big fan of two particular things. Glitter and...velvet. If I could live each day in glitter and velvet then I would. In fact I think I might set about making that a reality if I can!

We all know January sales are fantastic and while I wasn't going over board in the sales I definitely snagged a few bargains, mainly from New Look.

I had been oogling this beautiful wine dress on New Looks website for weeks and when I saw it in my local store for €15 I knew I had to have it. I do feel like I should possibly have sized down as it has structured cups and they are slightly floating around up there..even with my ample ladies.

It's a beautiful skater style dress with a zip up back. It falls beautifully and is comfortable. I may see if I can remove the chicken cutlets because I feel they take away from the dress. The center cut has moulding and so does not collapse which is really useful!

As you can see it has great movement to it and I cannot wait to give it a spin!

I ordered the next item as a back up for New Years eve. Clothing disaster all round. I ordered this beautiful blue (velvet) wrap dress from asos and was eagerly awaiting it but realised way too late that something had gone wrong with the order and it was not going to get to me. This was on its way also but of course it did not arrive on time. Because why would it. But it did however arrive unlike the other one. Anyway I didn't get to wear it for that but I will be wearing it soon.

I feel like a boss bitch in this top and it is actually the first (but definitely not my last) peplum top. I love the drama of it all. This top is currently on sale on New Looks website for €11. How could you go wrong?

The pants I'm wearing are New Looks (can you tell I'm addicted) coated leather look pants. They are so comfortable. They are high waisted and I have been living in them for weeks. They are however still available on sale for €22.99. I will be straight up with you though. These babies are cracking. I love them but there are several areas that are threatening to peel. Also in the chub rub areas there is some coating that is lifting. So that is something to bear in mind.

So long story short if your looking to feel like a queen and velvet is your fabric of choice you won't got wrong swinging by New Looks sale section right now!

Happy shopping lovelies!