Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Complete stop

So last weekend was our last weekend before we had to hand back our keys. It was one of many emotions but over all I was run off my feet and neither had the energy to get up and take pics or the time to blog.

Moving was a nightmare..at the end. Because myself and my boyfriend are the king and Queen of the procrastination nation. We had a whole month to do it and of course we were still there on thelast night at nine o clock.

At the moment I  also the poster child for Murphy's law at the moment. Last week I did in my hand and have it strapped up and this explains you absence all week. I tried to blog but unfortunately carpal tunnel syndrome slightly impedes typing.  So my hand was coming around and everything was on the up and up. It's not healed fully but at least I can type in my phone now!I couldn't even do that last week.

As I said things were looking good injury wise and then this weekend I somehow managed to stand on glass. So now I have a hand in a splint and a hobbily limp! I'm a walking disaster. But luckily a limp won't stop me writing. It does however impede walking around which is a pain but I'll live. 
I decided to give myself a break this morning and of course the sun put on a wonderful show. I'll see how I'm doing tomorrow but I'm hoping to get back into my swing then!
So there was a blip but I'll persevere! That's life anyway, as long as you get back on the horse that's all that matters!

Keep going wherever the adventure takes you!

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