Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Diy test: Face Masks

I have good skin. That and tallness are the two body things I've been blessed with. I don't have a skincare routine. I splash some water on my face..if I actually more disgusting than I like to admit. However...i also only wear make up when im going out on a night out...which at this stage is about once a social life consists of bottles of wine and harry potter at home with Paul. We have no life.
So I suppose that helps!what I do get are blackheads..not massive ones but I notice them, also my pores are supper visible. Now I'm not fussy about make and cheerful is how I I do with most things..but I do have sensitive skin. When I was four I got into my mothers make up and lathered it know what it looks like when a kid puts make up on..I'm fairly certain I had lipstick on my eye lids. Well it was at this point my mother discovered that I was slightly allergic to make up..she took the make up off to discover the shapes I had drawn on left shining glaringly red underneath. They stayed for three days. Then I discovered face paint does pretty much the same thing..I limit use of it to Halloween much to my sadness because I do love to beat my face. So certain things dont agree with my careful about the things I put on and when it comes to cleansers etc I have issues...of course as I mentioned water is the fanciest face thing I have so I don't come upon this problem much.
However I do like face masks.
I love coming home after a shitty day and slapping one on. Something about have your face skins all shiny and new makes you feel and inch better about your life.
I generally as a rule prefer to go natural. Also why pay big money for something you can make yourself? So I've decided to try out a few of the recipes that are floating around out there and see of they really work or if its just something sticky that you slap on your face! To give each of these masks a fair try I'm going to test them over the space of a week or it three or four times you know..and give a run down of all the important things..stickness, grossnessness, ease of creation, and of course how well they work (if at all!)
I'm going to start this little trial with a super simple, cant go wrong, foolproof face mask supposedly for blackheads! I got the recipe from . It's literally orange juice and baking powder...or not sure but its on the blog which I've linked below. Il be back in a week with pics and results!
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