Saturday, 17 September 2016

Birthday Plus Size Clothes Haul

I was very lucky this year to have my father and boyfriend wuss out of actually buying me a present and give me money instead..I think I'm not a fussy person but maybe the realities a little different! So naturally I took my dolla dolla bills and spent it all on clothes. What else could I do? To be perfectly honest, as i said on my last post, reveling in buying clothes is a brand new feeling for in this year new. So I love it. In fairness though I don't think the novelty of this is realistically going to wear love affair with clothes is here to stay!
My little haul started arriving early this week and should have all been here in one day but unfortunately there was a slight hiccup with one of my packages which was quickly resolved and it arrived just a couple of days late! The main bulk of my haul is from New Look because I'm my personal opinion they are motherf'n killing the game at the moment. I also snagged a few items from Boohoo..and because it's me they were of all on sale. Because why buy three expensive items when you can buy 11 half price ones? Seriously..I can make money stretch.
I  am a massive asos fan but unfortunately, for me at least, I just wasn't stirred by anything in their curve sale section...I mean sometimes I want everything on the site but to be honest I felt like New Look had more unique and striking pieces for less, or at least stuff that caught my eye more than anything else. Also FYI, the grey bardot dress I bought was also for sale an asos for €17 ish and I bought it straight from New Look for €12.50! I am seriously about stretching the pennies!
I also have a major online shopping flaw..would you call it a flaw? I don't know but in general I have a super silly tendency to go on with the intention of buying basics and then end up with some crazy fancy gown that will hang in my wardrobe for ages because I don't go anywhere fancy! All the while of course I will be stomping around in a temper because I don't have anything nice to wear in my day to day life! This time I made sure not to fall in that hole. Since I am basically building my wardrobe from scratch I gave myself strict parameters to find things that I could both wear during the day while bumbling about and during the night if I happened to venture further than the cinema. Versatile clothing I believe it's called! And I'm so proud to say I stuck (mostly) to this rule! So I decided it might be fun to show these items in a side by side fashion with my dressed down and dressed up versions! Mainly to assuage my fears that i have once again bought things that will hang sadly in my wardrobe but also mainly because I fricken love dressing up!
So as I said the main bulk of my haul is from New Look and then I got four items from Boohoo. My Boohoo things are basic wardrobe staples and the New Look stuff is definitely day wearable but I'm still me so I couldn't resist a slight amount of fancy!
I'm going to start with the items from Boohoo and also just as a reference I ordered everything in a size 24 and I am 5ft 10!
The first thing I picked up is a t shirt that has been doing the rounds for a long time. The Slogan tees that Boohoo has added to their plus range celebrating booties, beauties and curves! I honestly thought I had picked up the "Brains, beauty, booty" one cause that's a very me t shirt however I apparently picked the "curves on fleek" one instead!

The fabric is lovely though, I am feeling this top!It's soft and comfy and yet when I paired it with a black pencil skirt and heels it looked slinky as hell! I will definitely be going back to get the "Brains, Beauty, Booty" t-shirt.

The next item I picked up was a black ribbed pencil skirt. To be honest I could have sized down as it is a little baggy a the top but I won't be returning it because it's comfy. however if you want it to be skin tight I would suggest sizing down and it would be a pretty safe bet as it is very stretchy. It is also, slightly see through because of the ribbing. Again this doesn't bother me and it's not majorly see through but if it's something your concious about then this may not be the skirt for you!

The third thing I bought from boohoo baffles me slightly. It's a plain grey body, with those chest strappy things that are oh so in but the fit is all off..its a size 24 but honestly I would say it would only be long enough for someone under 5ft 6". As a tall girl I just cannot even attempt to close this which is annoying because I really like it!

I am not completely against Boohoo's bodies however because the next one turns it around because I'm pretty sure nothing I have ever worn has made me feel as sexy as this black wrap body does!

That brings my boohoo haul to a wrap and begins my New Look one...seriously addicted to New Look at the moment! In fact I've just ordered a couple more things from them so I might do a New Look haul in a bit!

I got this beautiful wine slip dress which now seem to be everywhere at the moment. I for one am loving the nineties re-visitation!

I have been living in that baby! Next from New Look was is this matching set which I love because it means you've got one comprehensive dress but also two separate items that can make a completely different outfit!

A couple of months ago I set my beady eyes on this bomb khaki shirt and I was so excited when I got it for half off! I love the frick out of it..honestly!It feels like amazing quality and its so comfortable!

I then picked up two bodycon dresses and I love the different feelings both give off.
The first is a bardot dress which makes me feel sexy and sultry!

I have to say though am I the only one who can't wear dresses like this without the shoulders constantly migrating? It's frustrating!

The second one gives off this real sporty feel and I have been wearing it non stop! I love that I can throw it on and feel dressed up and comfortable at the same time!

I have been eyeballing denim dungaree dresses for a while and when I saw this baby I had to have it!

Honestly I probably should have sized up in this because its a little tight at the bottom and I like to be able to move in my clothing! I'll probably put up with it though cause I love this!

And that brings my haul to an end. I loved shooting this and honestly it made me feel a million dollars so hopefully I'll get to shoot another one soon!

Till then..enjoy the adventure!

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