Thursday, 22 September 2016

Teeny, tiny pay day haul and Day 1 update.

I am a massive fan of liquid lippies, this is not an exaggeration, my work desk is also make up station and I am currently sitting next to a basket of roughly 70 liquid lips...I might actually have to look up some sort of help group. I lived for lipstick but it used to drive me nuts having to top it up because, well I'm a low maintenance kinda girl and it seemed like way too much effort to deal with. Apparently I've become more high maintenance because to be honest topping up my lipstick during a night out no longer seems like that much of a bother. maybe it's because now i don't really have a choice if I want to top up my liquid lip their biggest draw back is that with most of them you need to remove it all and start from scratch which is sooooo much more effort. I'm rambling however, my point is I am a firm lover of the liquid lip but recently I have to admit a few products (lip ammunition) have been catching my eye and the thought of matte lipsticks that aren't super drying but havent loast pigment or that matte look is appealing sometimes so when we popped into the chemists this evening and I obviously had to check out their stash of make up two of Essence's liquid lip colours caught my eye. Also I have to say I liked their packaging. And most importantly, they were €2.90. Could you go wrong? So I nabbed them knowing they probably weren't going to a dry down kind of lip.

I couldn't be more happy I did. Even just for the sake of smelling them. I opened them and this beautiful cake, choco smell that I frankly wish I could rub on my body hit my nose. If your not into that, don't buy these, but if you like deliciousness I say go for it. They have a little heart shaped doe foot and they applied lovely. They are extremely thick as far as liquid lips go, sort of mousse-y but they feel lovely going on! Also I never have an issue not smacking my lips together when wearing liquid lips I feel a serious compulsion to smush my lips all over each other because the texture of these is just lovely!

I'm also finding them lasting enough for me. I mean it's not like a twelve hour kind of lipstick but it's comfy and the colour is lasting pretty well. As I said I can always just top them up!

I also picked up a few different nail varnishes today. I got "The Metals" from Essence in shade 35 Rock my soul but I have yet to try this baby. I picked up W7 Diamond top coat and W7 shade 106 Purple Rain which I am wering and loving, lets just see how long it lasts! They were all under €3 and I will be buying a few more from these ranges.

Today was also day one of my thirty day challenge and I wore a lovely new jumper that I got from New Look and a pair of navy blue jeans. I'm not going to go into too much detail as these two will be in my haul that should be up at the start of next month!

I also wore my penneys/primark vans style shoes that I have been living in and will be going to buy more of this weekend. I finished the outfit off with my handmade scarf that I made earlier this week.

I also crushed the Wear Lipstick Everyday Challenge. I wore two lipsticks today!
Because I bought the new ones so obviously I had to try one!

I was trying to keep my eyes open in the first one because the sun was right in there and I love the isanely intense stare I ended up with!

Until tomorrow,
Enjoy your adventures!

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